SPRING 2021 LECTURE SERIES: Through The Collector’s Eye

SPRING 2021 LECTURE SERIES: Through The Collector’s Eye
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We are so excited to announce our first in-person lecture series. One year ago we planned to take our series on the road and visit multiple locations but COVID-19 made this impossible. Join Sarah Nehama and Konstantinos Leoussis of KIL N.Y.C. for two days of presentations hosted by the fabulous Thea Grant in her beautiful storefront in Brooklyn, New York. 

 Friday June 11th, 2021 - Through The Collectors’ Eyes (4pm-8pm)

Limited to 20, with adherence to NY State Covid safety protocols.

 Before the talks, you will be welcome to shop all of our inventory; pieces will be available for purchase from Thea, Konstantinos, and Sarah. There will be time to enjoy a few light refreshments and to chat with one another. 

Afterwards please join us for an intimate discussion about Konstantinos’s and Sarah’s respective antique jewelry collections accompanied by a slideshow and closer look at some of our favorite and most important pieces we own. We’ll talk about how we began collecting and share how our collections have changed and evolved over time. What defines our passion for collecting the things we do? What is some advice we would share with those starting to build their own collection?

Questions from our guest are welcome and encouraged.

 Saturday June 12th, 2021 (3pm-7pm):

The general public is welcome to come browse and shop our inventory from 12pm-3pm. We will also be streaming our items on ShopShops for those located outside of New York City wanting to browse in both English and Chinese. 

At 3pm we will begin the second part of our lecture series. 

Mourning Explained 

Konstantinos will give an in depth explanation of various motifs found in mourning and sentimental jewels. This presentation will be chock full of various examples and will help differentiate mourning vs sentimental.

How They Wore It 

Sarah will present an overview of the various styles and types of mourning jewelry from c. 1650-1900 and how those pieces were worn by both women and men.

This will include a history of significant styles of mourning jewelry and the types of items which were popular both both sexes of the upper classes and over time, for the middle classes as well.

How did people wear items such as ribbon slides, portrait miniatures, fichu pins, and watch fobs? An extensive slide show will present examples of these and more in context while exploring the history of jewels specifically made to memorialize those who have passed.


VIP Ticket Option: Admission to Friday & Saturday: IN PERSON - LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE DUE TO COVID-19 SOCIAL DISTANCING. Depending on changing Covid protocols, a few additional seats may open up. 

Virtual Lecture Series Ticket Option: Access to our Saturday Lecture Series (Mourning Explained & How They Wore It) streamed live Saturday June 20th on Zoom. This is accessible worldwide for those who are not within the NYC area. Please note that the lectures will not be recorded. 

*Konstantinos Leoussis of KIL N.Y.C. is a jeweler and antique jewelry collector and dealer. His personal collection consists of various types of Georgian mourning and sentimental jewelry, Etruscan revival, Stuart era pieces, and various other items that appeal to him.

**Sarah Nehama is a jeweler, educator, author, collector, and dealer of antique mourning and sentimental jewelry.

***Thea Grant is the owner and operator of Thea Grant, a storefront in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood offering vintage and antique jewelry. She is a proud mother of two and operates her business alongside Nico, her husband and business partner. 

For any inquiries or questions please email india@kil-nyc.com

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