Early 1800s Ouroboros Mourning Pendant Brooch


A gorgeous and special mourning brooch engraved on the reverse 

"In Memory of Susan Castle Ob. 24 May 1817"

A bail was added later to make the brooch updated and more wearable. The enamel creating the scales is fabulous and within the compartment lies hair that likely belonged to Susan once upon a time. Seed pearls surround the compartment and all appear to be original. 

The ouroboros, a snake eating its own tale, symbolizes infinity and wholeness. In this case, it likely symbolized the endless love the wearer had for their dear departed Susan. This symbol was later popularized even more by Prince Albert's serpentine engagement ring given to Queen Victoria. 

 Condition: Normal antique wear, minimal wear to the enamel, the engraving on the back has some condition issues.

Metal: 15k Gold 

Age: Georgian

Dimensions: 1 1/6" across, approximately 1" from top to bottom with the bale included

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