Gold Mizpah Locket with Photos


A lovely antique Victorian locket with a hand painted floral design with Mizpah painted across the locket. The back is hand engraved beautifully  with a floral design. 

“Usually found on antique design keepsake jewellery, mizpah is a Hebrew word that means 'watchtower' and is loosely interpreted as 'May God watch over you. ... Mizpah jewelry is still worn as a token of love or friendship and became popular during the Victorian era with an emotive story behind it”

There are two antique photos in the locket behind glass. These photos can be removed and replaced with your own if you’d like. 

Normal antique wear, very minor dents to the gold, minor discoloration to the painting 

Metal: 14k Gold 

Age: C. 1880s 

Dimensions: 1 1/2” from top to bottom  

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