Portrait Miniature by Pasquier of an Early 19th Century French Gentleman


This miniature was painted during the period of the Bourbon Restoration, the period after the fall of Napoleon I. The subject has a tender look about him. The subject is wearing a gold pin and chain which I find extraordinary. 

The portrait is painted in watercolor and protected under glass. The setting is gilded copper and this was likely originally set within a larger frame. It is signed “Pasquier” to the front right edge. To the reverse of the miniature are some collector’s notes indicating that this piece has been loved by several collectors. 

The artist Pasquier is referenced in volumes as “Pasquier the Younger” with his first name unknown. He is most noted for the delicate way he paints the backgrounds of his miniatures, with hatchwork brushstrokes of varied tones that carried a subtle blend of light and shadow. He was active in Paris from 1810 to 1835 and miniatures by him can be found in many prominent collections throughout Europe. 

Condition: This was likely originally set into a box or a frame and is now separated from it. 

Metal: Gilded Copper

Age: Around 1825

Dimensions: 3 1/6” x 3 5/8”

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