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Dear To Memory



 Sarah Nehama and I welcome you to join us for two days of online presentations on a variety of topics pertaining to antique mourning and sentimental jewelry. These events are open to everyone worldwide and will be presented on Zoom. 


  Friday, September 25, 5pm EST


“The Once Blooming Rose” by Sarah Nehama


A look at the origins of mourning and sentimental jewelry and an overview of styles and motifs from the mid 17th century to the early 20th century. A discussion of the relation between mourning and sentimental jewels noting their similarities and differences. A particular focus on various symbols found in both mourning and sentimental jewelry through the centuries.



“Mementos In Depth” by Konstantinos I. Leoussis 


A presentation on antique jewelry with am emphasis into their meaning and how to differentiate between authentic antique jewelry and their reproductions. 



Saturday, September 26, 12pm EST


 “A Token of Regard” by Sarah Nehama 


An in-depth look at Georgian era sepia and watercolor miniatures in both mourning and sentimental jewelry with a focus on construction and industry.



A Victorian Timeline” by Konstantinos I. Leoussis 


A course in Victorian jewelry from the start of the Victorian era to its conclusion touching on the influence the industrial revolution had on jewelry and how Prince Albert’s death affected Queen Victoria and impacted the mourning jewelry industry. This presentation will focus on historical highlights and materials used.
There are 4 ticket options:

1st Day: $30
2nd Day: $30
Both Presentations + VIP Sale*: $40
Access to our recorded lectures**: $40 
*We will be holding a curated sale of authentic mourning and sentimental jewelry as well as selected pieces from our jewelry lines available for purchase. The following vendors will be participating in our event:
Sandy Jacobs, Lisa Kramer, Heart of Heart Jewels, and Antikdevotion.
VIP ticket purchasers have access to the sale up to one week before our lecture series. All other ticket holders may shop online the 25th and 26th.
**Our lectures will be recorded and made available 3-5 days after our lecture series conclude. 
We will e-mail the Zoom Link 24-48 hours before our presentations commence. 
Special guest speakers may join us. Details to come. 
For inquiries and more information please email 


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