• May Shop Updates

    Hello everyone. Wow, April has been an absolute whirlwind of a month. I’d like to not have a repeat. The pandemic has been very stressful but in light of everything seemingly collapsing around me, I cannot begin to thank those who have supported me and my business. I’ve been really struggling at times to stay positive and keeping busy with work has really been my only salve. I wanted to touch base and give a few quick updates as May rapidly approaches.

    New York State has issued an extended stay at home order until at least May 15th which means that business will continue to be affected for weeks to come. There is a chance that this directive will be extended. As of now my antique business hasn’t been affected at all but I am unable to access studio space at this time so jewelry orders are backlogged and will resume once my casting company and stone suppliers get the green light to reopen. I appreciate your flexibility and patience during this time. 

    Shopify was extremely gracious to allow gift cards to be added to my site. This is typically a service reserved for those with upgraded plans and it has really been a lifesaver. I am happy to offer gift cards for those who are able to help support my work. They will NEVER expire, can be used on my site, at shows, through Instagram, and until May 31st, I will give you an additional 10% on top of what you spend. So that $100 gift card will become a $110 gift card for instance. It’s my way of showing my immense appreciation during these uncertain times and you are free to also gift them to others if you’d like. Your support of my small business means so much to me and my employees especially during these times of crisis. 

    Despite jewelry production being temporarily suspended, I am getting ready to launch a ton of new KIL Lite (economical sterling, gold, and platinum pieces from my line) pieces as well as new mainline pieces. I was going to hold off and wait until we are off shutdown but I decided that it was best to launch now. I am also working on my first collection for Fall/Winter 2020. Being upstate in my cabin has been inspiring and I am very excited to share these designs later in the year. 

    I launched this service earlier this year but I want to remind everyone that I am offering virtual buying appointments for those abroad and unable to travel due to the coronavirus epidemic. These are really fun and I love meeting clients this way due to the mandated physical distancing going on in the world. If this interests you, please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule one.

    I will also be resuming some additional services like custom design in the next few weeks. If you are an individual or brand that is in need of jewelry design and fabrication, please contact for more details. 

    I look forward to healthier and happier times ahead. I miss doing shows and pop ups and I hope that we can all do our part to move past this and resume business as best we can.

    My best to all of you,


  • COVID-19 Shop Update

    Hi everyone.

     I hope that this message finds you all well and in the best spirits possible. With the global pandemic taking place and panic ensuing, I have found myself trying to circumnavigate a series of changes and adjustments to ensure that my business can survive any and all scenarios. World Health Officials are saying that we could be in quarantine for months and I am taking the necessary steps to prepare for this. The point is, there are a lot of unknowns and I want to ensure all of my wonderful customers, followers, and clients that I am determined to stay open for business for as long as it is permitted by state and federal regulations. I have been closely monitoring the news and I am committed to taking every precaution I possibly can during this time. 


    Shipping/Online Store:

    I have decided to bring my business fully online. This will involve a lot of time as I will have to take pictures, add details, and upload them. I have a lot of new things to show and I am excited to debut them. As a precaution, shipping will be limited to Monday and Fridays with possible changes depending on the current circumstances. I am also waiving all shipping costs on all items until further notice. I will also be taking all necessary precautions in accordance with CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.


    I am happy to continue offering layaway in my shop. Typically I reserve layaway for items $500 or over but until further notice, I will be offering layaway on most items regardless of price. This includes my jewelry line. Please contact me by Instagram DM or email to arrange this and for the terms. 


    As of now, most of my employees are on leave with the exception of Kristie my operations manager; She will work from home answering email inquiries and helping our clients as much as possible. Depending on how business is this month, I hope to give all of my employees a bonus In their March paychecks to cover their expenses and a decrease in hours. 


    I am still accepting consignments until further notice. All terms still apply. Please message me if this service interests you. I offer one of the best and most flexible policies for those interesting in consigning their vintage and antique jewelry. 

    Repairs/Jewelry Line/Custom Work

    As I am located in New York City, we are experiencing a large surge in Novel Coronavirus cases. As of now, most of the businesses have shuttered for an undisclosed amount of time. This includes my casting company, studio space, and the vendors where I purchase my findings and stones. Until further notice, I am not accepting repairs and all current projects are on hold. I have produced a limited number of pieces from my jewelry line and those are ready to ship but please know that I cannot currently assess the waiting time for custom work or estimate when additional orders will be fulfilled. If you are planning to purchase a piece of jewelry from my jewelry line, please reach out to us for a current estimate of how long production will take. 

    Gift certificates: 

    I have decided to offer gift certificates/codes for those that are interested. I known there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty at this moment. A gift card is a nice way of trying to brighten someone’s day (including your own) and supporting a small independent business. Please please please consider supporting local businesses online and near you. Large corporations can weather issues such as these. Small businesses cannot. 

    Jewelry, Tea, and Tomfoolery:

    I am so excited to revive my weekly tradition after a nearly 12 month hiatus. Join me weekly as I host a free live video on my Instagram channel touching on various antique and vintage jewelry topics usually with a guest or two. This is a really nice way to connect with a large amount of people and to foster a deeper appreciation for jewelry history. I will try to send notifications each week.  


    I am in the process of getting a blog together. Details to be announced soon. 


    2020 started off well and I am sure that we will weather this storm together. Thank you everyone for your support. It truly means so much to me. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at and Kristie is reachable at 


    Our best,

    Konstantinos and the KIL N.Y.C. Team