Antique Thai Nail Cover Brooch Conversion (Silver, Enamel, Stones)

$200 $250

Discover the whimsy of history with these antique Thai nail coverings, now converted into playful brooches! This set of three is made from sterling silver and features intricate details adorned with vibrant coral and turquoise stones.

Originally used as traditional nail covers, these unique pieces have been transformed into eye-catching brooches that add a touch of exotic charm to any outfit. The sterling silver craftsmanship highlights the beautiful coral and turquoise accents, creating a delightful blend of color and style.

Perfect for vintage lovers and jewelry enthusiasts, these brooches are more than just accessories; they're a conversation starter. Add a splash of fun and history to your collection or gift them to someone special. Embrace the charm of these antique Thai treasures and let your style shine!

Metal: Silver

Dimensions: approx 3.5in long each, set of 3

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