Portrait Miniature of Samuel Harvey Guild (1766-1817)


A lovely and interesting miniature of Samuel Harvey Guild of Bellows Falls, Vermont. This was likely created as a tribute to him after his death in the early 1800s modeled after a larger painting. 

Samuel Guild died in 1817 of injuries sustained in a lumbering accident. According to a obituary published on October 6th, 1817, he was rolling logs into a canal when a log rolled down and hit him. 

The portrait is painted in watercolor and housed under glass in a gilded copper brooch. The pin and clasp are intact and in good condition. The brooch is engraved “S. H. Guild” on the reverse. 


Condition: Good antique condition 

Metal: Gilded Copper

Age: Early 1800s

Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 1 3/4”



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