The Piásimo Pendant - Hades' Grasp


Based on the traditional Figa the Mano Fico, this pendant is intended to be a symbol to ward of evil and protect the wearer. The inspiration behind it was Hekate, the greek god of witchcraft, the moon, and femininity. In her hands she carried a key and a torch. The key was to the underworld and the torch illuminated the night.  

In the story of Persephone, Hades captured her and tricked her into eating the fruit of the underworld; the pomegranate. Persephone ate 6 seeds and was forced to live in the underworld for half of the year and would spend the remaining six months with her mother, Demeter. 

This large Figa is completely hand carved with a hand grasping a pomegranate, a 'tattoo' of a corpse flower on the wrist, and a skull ring on one finger inspired by a vintage biker skull ring I once saw. 

10% of each purchase will be donated to The New York Women's Foundation ( to aid in their mission of advancing justice for women and families.

1.75" from bale to the tip of the pendant, 20" chain

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